We are proud to have a select group of speakers from different areas of academia present their inspirational thoughts and ideas. We hope join us for a full weekend of thought-provoking experiences and great evening entertainment line-up.

Our confirmed speakers for 2018:

(links will be provided shortly to each speaker)

Lawrence Krauss,  Theoretical physicist

Julien Musolin0,  Cognitive scientist

Karen Yuen, NASA climate change scientist 

Diane Goldstein, LEAP speaker

Pascal Gagneux, Zoologist, UC San Diego

John Wathey, Computational biologist

Alex J. O’Connor, Popular English Youtuber

More speakers to be posted soon

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Friday night Mentalism and Magic

We’ll be having a old-fashion “SPEEK EESY” 20’s theme show with some of Los Angeles’ best mentalists and magicians to entertain you.


Saturday Night Comedians: 
List coming soon