Go HERE To Register for the conference.

All tickets except the the Weekend Pass PLUS and meal tickets are available to purchase at the door.

On-Line Weekend Pass tickets are available until Feb. 10 at 5pm. It includes all panels and presentations, plus the fantastic Friday night science and skepticism-themed MagiCal Event and the Saturday night ComiCal Comedy event.  Sunday’s MusiCal event is sold separately.  You may purchase the Weekend Pass tickets at the door as well.

Day Tickets for either Saturday or Sunday are $170 are are available until 8am Sunday, Feb. 11  

Options:  You may add options to your registration such as attending the fundraiser VIP Cocktail Hour with our speakers ($75), attend the MusiCal music show on Sunday night ($25), or the special Brea Tar Pis VIP tour on Monday -Darwin’s birthday. (sold out!)

Shows and Entertainment: If you are unable to attend the conference during the day, you are still welcome to join us for Friday night’s MagiCal show, Saturday night’s ComiCal comedy show, or Sunday night’s MusiCal show with George Hrab.  

Discounted student tickets for $35 will be available for verified students under 27 years of age.  (Please consider sponsoring a student for $35 when registering).  On-Line tickets for students expires Feb 11 at 11am.

Tabling:  If you have an organization or book you would like to promote, you can rent a table for $275.  The table will be inside the ballroom so you will able to listen to the speakers.  (Limited to one person inside or two outside the conference ballroom)

Volunteering:  We have a few spots left for volunteers.  Work 3- three hour shifts and receive half price off the Weekend Pass, or work 5- three hour shifts and receive free admission.  Spots open are door ticket-checkers, load in on Friday and tear down on Sunday.  Most volunteers will be able to see most of the conference speakers talk. Email for more information. (Volunteering has closed for this event)

Pay Now Pay Later option

(note – this option has expired) . At LogiCal-LA, we believe that science education is for everyone. It is this belief that drives our mission to make our 2018 conference as accessible as possible for all who would like to attend no matter their financial situation.  For the first time, we will be making it easier to attend with a one-time  deposit and a simple payment plan option for the Weekend Pass tickets (normally $275). 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pay a deposit of $140* called the “Special Payment” on our EventBrite page HERE.  
  2. Set up a $20/month PayPal** subscription to cover the remaining balance (7 months) on our Donate page HERE.
  3.  After 7 months, your Weekend Pass will be paid, and you can either cancel your payment subscription, or continue to pay toward your refundable 2019 attendance.**

*This offer ONLY APPLIES to the Weekend Pass (meals not included) and includes our Friday and Saturday night entertainment events.  You will also be able to add our extracurricular events and options when you register, such as supporting a student to attend or the Sunday MusiCal show.  Any extracurricular events and options will need to be paid for at time of deposit. 

** All $20/month payments made past July 2018, will go toward your 2019 registration. The simply need to pay off the total registration fee by 1 week prior to the start of LogiCal 2019. 

This special offer expires January 31, 2018 and cannot be used with any promotional code or discount.  Any questions?  Please contact us at 

Te organizers do not make any profit from LogiCal-LA.  All proceeds are used to cover the cost of the conference, and any remaining funds roll into the following year.  LogiCal-LA is almost entirely volunteer based. Our parent organization, Freethought Alliance is a  501(3)(c) tax exempt organization.  All of your payments and  donations (except meal costs) will be tax deductible at the end of 2018. LogiCal-LA is truly a project of devotion to the promotion of science and reason.  


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