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Promoting the public education of science is truly a worthwhile endeavor.  The importance of finding the truth on any issue through vigorous scientific inquiry is paramount in a world of unproven and dangerous beliefs and practices.

Make a contribution to LogiCal-LA by becoming a Sponsor ($1000+) or a Contributor (under $999) and help ensure that the LogiCal-LA conference remains a mainstay of scientific skepticism on the west coast for years to come.

Sponsor a Speaker:  Your $500 contribution will help us pay for transportation, hotels and honorariums for our speakers. See our registration page at EventBrite to contribute. 

A one time contribution of any amount can be made on our registration page at EventBrite

A monthly subscription contribution of $4, $10, $20 or $40 can be made at the contribution page of our parent organization, Freethought Alliance.

Our goal is to have the admission price to be under $50 so more people can experience the value of scientific discourse. We are currently searching for grant writers to help us with large annual donations to accomplish this.   

Why Contribute? (comments from past contributors)

I donated to LogiCal-LA because I support critical thinking at a time of great peril.  Thanks to the efforts of skeptics and free-thinkers everywhere, religious dogma is in retreat.  But it remains a menace, allying itself with alternative facts and agitprop to steer public policy.  I support LogiCal-LA because facts, logic, and truth are worth fighting for.  – Bill Zuersher, author of “Seeing through Christianity”


I chose to support LogiCal-LA with my donations for the year of 2017 because I believe science education is important. Unfortunately our current government and many of our fellow citizens do not support science or science education. They don’t understand the value of science in our daily (and future) lives. As a result, it is evermore important for individuals to do what they can to support public science education and to effect change based on science. 

I am sad that despite so many people attending these conferences, so few donate on a consistent basis. It takes little thought to set up a recurring donation of a few of dollars every payday or every month. If more people would take a few moments to do this, then the future of these conferences would be assured. I am moving out of the area soon and will be looking for other science education efforts to support locally near my new home. I hope others step up to support this worthy effort. 
Becky Alvarez

LogiCal-LA and the parent organization Freethought Alliance are a 501(c)(3) organizations.  IRS# 45-2771899.  All contributions are tax deductible.  All financial contributions made toward LogiCal-LA will pay for expenses directly generated by the production of current and future LogiCal-LA conferences. There are no administration costs.


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