About Us
About Us

Who is organizing LogiCalLA?

Bruce Gleason (director) has been directing the Freethought Alliance conference in Orange County, CA for the last 6 years. Inquisitive from a young age, he has always had the “skeptics gene” which made him question everything. Schooled in electrical engineering with a minor in psychology, he is a voracious reader of anything science and is the founder of Backyard Skeptics, the largest skeptics organization in Orange County, CA area.  

Emery Emery (panel moderator and comedy show producer) is an American comedian, film editor and producer, and outspoken atheist, known for his contribution to numerous comedy-related films and TV shows, his two podcasts, Skeptically Yours, and the award-winning Ardent Atheist. His help in finding skeptical speakers and secular comedian have been enormous. 


Why attend LogiCalLA?

Pseudo-science has a vast hold of modern society with abundant claims of miraculous cures and healing powers. Scientific skeptics are those who want to know the validity of those claims, whether based in naturopathy, ghost-hunters, psychics, or religion.  


Who would attend LogiCalLA?

Those who attend are interested in the discovery of new ideas, examining new views of the natural world, and how to distinguish between what is probably true and those claims that have little or weak evidence.  

A scientific skeptics first doubts a claim but believes the claim if well-established evidence becomes available.

A conspiracy skeptic first doubts the claim, then when viewing validated evidence, doubts the evidence. 

What is scientific skepticism?

Scientific skeptics believe that empirical investigation of reality leads to the truth, and that the scientific method is best suited to this purpose. Scientific skeptics attempt to evaluate claims based on verifiability and falsifiability and discourage accepting claims on faith or anecdotal evidence. Skeptics often focus their criticism on claims they consider to be implausible, dubious or clearly contradictory to generally accepted science. Scientific skeptics do not assert that unusual claims should be automatically rejected out of hand on a priori grounds—rather they argue that claims of paranormal or anomalous phenomena should be critically examined and that extraordinary claims would require extraordinary evidence in their favor before they could be accepted as having validity. From a scientific point of view, theories are judged on many criteria, such as falsifiability, Occam’s Razor, and explanatory power, as well as the degree to which their predictions match experimental results. Skepticism is part of the scientific method; for instance, an experimental result is not regarded as established until it can be shown to be repeatable independently.

Also see this article about scientific skepticism.



Our dedicated volunteers is what makes our conference run smoothly. If you come across them please say ‘thank you’ for all of their hard work!

Buck Bowen, Christina Jones, Liz Bujan, Jen Ryan, Susan Fink, Jan Rasmussen, Jeff Sloan, Hans Forschner, Omar Young, Sophia Giang, Emery Emery, Heather Henderson, Jennifer Rameriz, Greg Martin, Hamed Miraei, Debbie Brennar, Tom Schottmiller, Lisa Pedersen, Brian Hart, Michael Cain. Paula, Sinha.

Non-Profit Status

LogiCalLA is part of the Freethought Alliance, a previous non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Orange County CA.  We have had a glitch in the IRS reporting as of Sept 2, 2017 and do not have our tax-exempt status.  We are working with the IRS to reinstate this status. 

The financial goal for LogiCalLA is to break even at each conference.  The prices on our registration page are based on the costs incurred by the hotel pricing structure for the conference room, meals costs, a minimum of rooms reserved and honorariums for our invited speakers.  Any profit from this event will be rolled-over into next years conference.  We appreciate any donations you would like to make to support the success of this conference.

Harassment Policy

We expect to have all of our attendees act professionally and obey all local, state and federal laws. 

Contact us

Email: info@logicalla.com

Phone  714 394 6153 (Bruce Gleason) After 9am PST


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