About Us
About Us

The origins of LogiCal-LA

Bruce Gleason (director) produced the Freethought Alliance conference in Orange County, CA, for six years. Inquisitive from a young age, he questioned everything – a natural skeptic. Educated in electrical engineering with a minor in psychology, he is a voracious reader of scientific literature and is the founder of Backyard Skeptics, the largest skeptics organization in Orange County, CA. In 2017, Bruce set out to bring a new conference promoting science and critical thinking to the Los Angeles area.


Who attends LogiCal-LA?

Those who attend are interested in the discovery of new ideas, examining the natural world, and learning how to distinguish between what is probably true and those claims that have little or weak evidence. People who want to promote scientific education and critical thinking skills are the backbone of the conference!

What is scientific skepticism?

Scientific skeptics believe that empirical investigation of reality leads to the truth, and that the scientific method is best suited to this purpose. They attempt to evaluate claims based on verifiability and falsifiability and discourage accepting claims on faith or anecdotal evidence.  Scientific skeptics often focus their criticism on claims they consider to be implausible, dubious or clearly contradictory to generally accepted science.

Scientific skeptics do not assert that unusual claims should be automatically rejected out of hand on a priori grounds—rather they argue that claims of paranormal or anomalous phenomena should be critically examined and that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence before they can be accepted. From a scientific point of view, theories are judged on many criteria, such as falsifiability, Occam’s Razor, and explanatory power, as well as the degree to which their predictions match experimental results. Skepticism is part of the scientific method; for instance, an experimental result is not regarded as established until it can be shown to be repeatable independently.

For further information, see this article about scientific skepticism.

The Organization

Freethought Alliance is the parent organization for LogiCal-LA. It is currently in the process of obtaining 501(c)(3) organization status, but contributions are not tax deductible at this time. All financial contributions made toward LogiCal-LA will pay for expenses directly generated by the production of current and future LogiCal-LA conferences. All profits from LogiCal-LA are rolled over to fund the next year’s conference.

LogiCal-LA is largely produced through the efforts of dedicated volunteers.

Anti-Harassment Policy

All participants at LogiCal-LA are expected to behave professionally and obey all local, state and federal laws.